Associated Training Services


Joseph L.


My time at ATS was an overall great experience. The instructors did a great job preparing me for written exam and practical with a well planned and thorough classroom curriculum. The whole office staff were very helpful and were ready to help in any way they could. I’d definitely recommend ATS to anyone looking to obtain their NCCCO certification.

Brian K.


For the longest time I wanted to run heavy equipment. I just did not know where I could learn and gain experience for a job out in the world. When I found the ATS school, I requested a free Boucher. After looking it over I decided to visit the school. I encourage anyone to go and look for yourself. The facility and the people in it were top-notch. I was so excited, and ready for a career change. You will get not only great classroom knowledge, but hands-on experience. The instructors were great. Everyone was easy to get along with. Along with all that, you will meet people from all around the country, and even the world. I still talk with the friends I made there at ATS. I now have the job I want, and I couldn’t be happier, and prouder of being a heavy equipment operator. ATS gave me the tools and knowledge to get to where I wanted to be in my career. I am forever grateful to the school and the friendships I have forged in life coming from ATS.

Michael C.


Hey Andy!

Just wanted to let you know that I did start a new job at the end of November and it’s going great. Cemetery backhoe operator - aka Grave digger. I’m getting nonstop experience everyday in the backhoe, skid steer, dump truck and other various types of equipment. In the interview I had to operate the backhoe and dig a mock grave. I got the job immediately. I am really happy and wanted to say that my time at ATS really paid off.



Justin F.


I took ATS heavy equipment 1 and the DDS for my CDL Class-A. I entered ATS with minimal skills in heavy equipment with their rock star training I was able to have the pick of the litter of employment now I'm running Cat D8 dozer on the weekend and I work for Cemstone Concrete running a cement truck during the week. I'm finally making good money and I'm proud of what I do. Thank you ATS and Diesel Driving School .

Ruben S.


I would like to thank Associated training services for their help in furthering my career as a Crane Operator in Midland, Texas. I cannot express how much the training has helped me advance and show my new skills in the field. Thanks Associated Training Services.

Aaron K.


In a nutshell, things are going great!

About three weeks ago I was hired by Crane Works, a small mom & pop crane outfit in Mt. Airy MD near where I live, and I’m absolutely loving it. The owners are super nice people, and my supervisor who has been showing me the ropes is fantastic. Though my time at ATS was great, I’m learning a LOT every day!

I signed on as truck driver(thank goodness for my CDL…!), but so far I’ve had opportunities to run a crane almost on a daily basis. Started small with things like wrangling counter weights on & off trucks in the yard, and last week I hoisted building materials to a roof top on an active job site!

I’m leaving Baltimore this Fri for North Dakota where I’ll be running a crane for my uncle who owns a construction company. The job will last about a month, and I’ll be running his Grove 40 ton pretty much every day! Going back to Crane Works afterwards.

Thanks for checking in! Say Hey to the gang for me.


Hayden R.


Thank you! I got a job at Branco out of Neosho Missouri as an apprentice carpenter and equipment operator. ATS gave me an opportunity that I never would have gotten before. Thank you to everyone there.

William S.


Hello ATS,

Thank you for all your help Andy. I have obtained employment at Schlouch Inc. in Reading Pennsylvania as a Scraper Operator, which I hope will get me on a Grader in time. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have, and it’s all because of ATS. Thank you to Jessica, Brian, the Whole Cadre in Heavy 1 & 2; Tony, Paul, Zach, Jay and Mike in particular. And thank you to Mr. Jerry Klabacka for resolving a tuition issue that allowed me to complete my training. Lastly, thank you Andy. For all future with Andy, he will help you , there is light at the end of the tunnel to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams at ATS.

Zachary P.


I’m very thankful for everything Associated Training Services did for me. The school was an amazing experience, and I am very happy that I got a job immediately after finishing school.

Bart S.


I'll be singing y'alls praises on social media and on every job site on which I find myself. Y'all have earned every damned INCH of the reputation that was my deciding factor in choosing ATS. Many thanks!

Heath F.


I would like to thank you and the school for allowing me to grow my career. I have actually forwarded my career by becoming a Project Manager and certified Lift Director with CSE inc, in Va . I am currently over the crane and industrial construction division. Thank you all so very much.

Joe O.


Thanks to ATS I was able to further my knowledge with cranes and find a good paying job close to home, would highly recommend!

Stephen P.


Hi Andy, yes I found a job only three weeks out of school. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner I have been working my butt off. Working for a company in Baltimore. I love it definitely the best career choice I have chosen so far. Running cranes everyday, Sany 65 ton RT kobelco 160 ton, 200 ton, and 260 ton.

Timothy M.


From my first phone call, to admissions to orientation, the process was easy and very quick getting me into the school. I'm looking forward to Heavy Equipment II, Horizontal Directional Drilling and CDL in the coming weeks.

Juan R.


I just wanna say thanks for the great experience I appreciate you and your team and if you can do me a favor tell jim from truck driving school I appreciate his knowledge and patience he is a great instructor.

Abby L.


Overall, I am so thankful for ATS and it's staff. I have been very impressed with the program. I feel like they have given me a leg up. I have the knowledge, skills and confidence I needed to step out into the industry. Thank you!

Lukas W.


Crane instructors really took the time to prepare us for our NCCCO test. Really pushed us to learn the material.

Jacob M.


Best decision I made was coming here. Your instructors and front office made me feel like I was at home.

Robby H.


Hello Andy yes sir went to work for LSE crane I'm working in odessa Texas in the oilfield, I've landed a pretty good job, I'm enjoying it, thank you and all the instructors very much they done a great job preparing me for my nccco test and my practicals I learnt a lot thank you again!

Darin S.


I joined the 450 Local International Operating Engineers. 2 weeks later, they called and offered me a job as a rigger. I had not received my NCCCO certification for small and large hydraulic, but had my NCCCO Rigger 1. I started working September 11, a 6 to 8 week turnaround at the Convetro plant, in Baytown TX. Pay is great, 34.99 per hr, working with really great people and am enjoying every day. Since I have started, my CCO came in, and I have updated the hall so it is now on file. Hopefully, will be in the crane seat on the next job!

Appreciate, your help and the instructor's, for your help in reaching my goals!

Darin S.

Eric M.


All instructors and staff were knowledgeable and helpful, maintain a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend this school to others and would be interested in coming back for other classes later.

Kyle B.


My names Kyle and I graduated from ATS in March. I was hired by C.W. Matthews contracting Co. Out of Marietta, Georgia. I’ve been operating a link belt TCC 450, 500, and 750 building sound barrier walls on I-85. Thank you, ATS for the experience and training to get me started as a crane operator.

Clayton R.


A special thanks to Christine for getting me to the school. Thank you, Marissa for letting me annoy you with paper work issues. Thank you, Chris and John and all the other instructors for making me a professional operator. Great opportunity and career change. I started from the bottom, now I'm here.

Deon W.


Just saying big thanks to the staff at ATS! Got a job with Sure Steel Inc. just a few short weeks out of school. I get to operate and travel across the country and get paid $$$! Will recommend ATS to all my friends. Thanks again ATS!

Tristan M.


Thanks to the knowledge, skill set, and credentials that ATS has given me, I have found a wonderful career in the field that I love.

Gabriel F.


I went to ATS for Crane I NCCCO certification and Class A CDL. Before the program, I had no experience driving trucks or operating cranes. Three weeks after finishing the program, I found a job working for a roofing supply company where I drive a boom truck and lift roofing material onto residential and commercial properties. I couldn't have gotten this job without the training I received at ATS. Special thanks to Mike, John and all the crane instructors and my CDL instructors, Mike and Steve, you guys were great!

Grant B.


Thanks to my training at ATS, I've been able to make my dreams come true and become an equipment operator. The specialized training gave me the cutting edge I needed to get this job with RV and associates.

Michael W.


Well I got hired about two weeks after getting back home. The training I received at ATS gave me a lot of confidence because I felt like it was very natural for me to pick up on heavy equipment and truck driving. So, ATS just gave me that extra push to prove it to myself that I can do it.

As far as my job goes, I love it so much it feels surreal. I get up really early now, and work long days but since I love my job the days are flying by. The money is great with all the overtime.

As I mentioned earlier I drive a transfer dump truck. The company that hired me is West Coast sand & Gravel. They're a great company to work for and there is opportunity to grow within the company. It owns several mines as well so heavy equipment isn't off the table, and I plan on making it part of my five-year plan to do the trucking end of it and slowly work my way into the mines and operate bulldozers and loaders. We even have scrapers since we are mining sand, so with that said there is plenty of room for me to grow, and I'm quite happy where im at in life.

Reuben D.


Thanks ATS and DDS for the opportunity to start this amazing career! It's getting hot out here in the desert. But for $25 an hour I will sweat it out!

Duke A.


It has been ten months sense completing my heavy equipment 1 & 2 training and also getting my Class-A CDL. I highly recommend getting your training. I am back home in Alaska working five days a week for the last ten months and couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to attend training school. I took out a loan and got scholarships for the training. Next month I will be debt free and I’m loving it.

Cedric H.


ATS was awesome. It was a great learning experience, and I truly enjoyed going to school there. Not long out of school I was able to find a job in my field. You guys rock.


Luis G.


I'm currently working on a Framing Construction project for US Framing. I am operating an IGO 75 Potain tower crane. I work 6 days a week 9-hour days paid lunch and 52 dollars an hour. I'm so grateful for the instructors taking their time with me and answering all my questions. The head training Director really made me feel like I wasn’t just a number. The instructors made me feel proud about becoming a crane operator. Going to ATS was the greatest decision I have ever made.

Richard M.


My name is Richard Maxwell upon graduating from your program, I now work for this place called Synagro located in Pineville, NC. My duties here are transporting bio waste (human waste) I operate a front loader to load my truck. I love my job because it's so laid back and I am my own boss at times. I thank you for giving me the training needed to do my job, I enjoyed my classroom sessions as well as being hands on out in the field! It was fun an as soon as I can get close to finishing up my payments for Heavy 1, I am looking forward to returning to take up another course in the crane industry.

Kristi J.

TNT Crane & Rigging


My name is Kristi and I am the HR Generalist for TNT Crane & Rigging.

We would like to show our support for Associated Training Services (ATS) and confirm our willingness to consider ATS graduates for employment with our company. We have employed graduates of ATS in the past and continue to regularly hire graduates of ATS.

Matthew C.


I attended ATS and the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable in the heavy Machinery field, I was taught safety and knowledge to obtain and keep a job operating a skip loader 10 out of 10 stars would recommend to anyone seeking knowledge on any heavy machinery.

Samuel O.


I got hired on as a rigger and was told by the owner I could take it as far as I want (meaning working my way into a crane) this company centers its work around safety and is owned by a former crane operator as well. It’s a rental service so we do work in refineries to planting trees to setting in signs. They have 14 cranes and are growing.

I truly enjoyed tapping into the knowledge of the instructors in the crane and rigging part of your school. That knowledge helped me get a job within my first week home. I would love to come back to ATS to get more nccco certifications because y’all truly set the students up for success.

Tommy C.


It took me about 5 months to land a crane position because I wasn't in position to travel once I graduated (wife was pregnant with our 1st child) and I live in a beach town where crane work is almost obsolete. I put my resume on all the big sites and everywhere in between. Finally I got very lucky and an electric company called me and gave me a chance working on a 500kv substation from the ground up and only 45 mins away from home. I want to thank all my instructors at ATS especially Dan over at the CDL for being very informative and extremely patient with us... And just as BIG thank you to Tony Harper at Career Services for staying in constant contact through the whole process and even helped me with my resume. Don't give up!!!!

Darrell D.


Great place to advance your career. Very active and fast paced school. The only down fall I can think of is the lack of a restaurant close by for lunch. Plenty of vending machines for sandwiches and stuff. I would recommend ATS to anyone looking to join this field.

Grant B.


Good balance of classroom instruction and time on the equipment. Instructors all seem to be very qualified with over 10-25 years of experience. Equipment operating techniques are shared by the instructors. Great experience so far. I have almost completed 3 wks of Heavy Equipment I and start my 6 wks of Heavy Equipment II soon. Cant wait!!

Eric B.


I have really enjoyed my time here at ATS. Everyone I have met was very nice and helpful on everything I have learned. I have also met a lot of new friends and great instructors. I was even thinking of coming back some day to finish more schooling.

Nathan C.


The school was an amazing experience, from the recruiters' office all the way down to the teachers. As soon as you get here you are greeted with a smile and everyone here is very well educated and is willing to help you no matter what. The establishment is a newer building and is kept cleaned, there are no problems like other places that i have been to. The teachers are very friendly towards you and are very knowledgeable about all the equipment on the school grounds and most of them have came with prior experience. I gave this school a 5 star rating because i personally love this school. One day would like to try to become part of the family and work here. Until then, i will miss this school and will be looking forward until the next time i can come back.

Malachi M.


My time here at ATS has been absolutely amazing. The instructors are super knowledgeable and if you have a question they have no problem stopping the class and making sure everyone is on the same page. I’m currently in Heavy one and so far the best instructors are Chad, Jeff, Travis, and Rob. They have really helped me a lot operating wise. I rate this school 5/5 no doubt. Thank you ATS for getting my Career started.

Angel H.


Incredible school!! ATS School is a combination of classroom work and my favorite hands-on training. The instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive. Truly, one of the most organized instructors I've ever had. Extremely helpful and understanding. Fun sense of humor. I highly recommend this school !

Aaron L.


Great learning experience. Overall, learned lots, had fun, really enjoyed my time in this class.

Christopher C,


Based on my experience so far, everyone has our best interests at heart. They want to make sure we leave here with as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Burke S.


I really enjoyed each instructor and felt that I gained knowledge from each. I feel that you are truly blessed to have this many great instructors at this school. It says a lot about the people they work for.

Nathan N.


All instructors made learning a very pleasant experience and were very encouraging to push me in the right direction to succeed.