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Very efficient and thorough training school! Very impressed! Now I know why ATS is one of the most recognized training schools. I feel completely prepared to apply what I’ve learned in the field. Thanks ATS and to all your instructors. I’m very pleased and feel that it was worth every penny!

Jacob Pardell

Everyone here is awesome and the school is terrific. I have nothing negative to say, and I would surely recommend this to any one. I love the atmosphere!!

Colton Rutherford

I graduated from the crane program in May. I just wanted to send an email to say thank you to you and everyone in the crane department. I got a job with a local company Rose Steel Inc just 25 minutes from my house. ATS taught me everything I needed to enter a career that is more than I could have imagined. Just 3 months out of school and I got my Massachusetts hoisting license driving a company truck with everything paid for and operating and maintaining my crane.  I run a 2002 Link-Belt HTC-8670 70 ton truck crane but have also gotten days in the 1978 Link-Belt HC-218A 100 ton friction rig and a 1969 Link-Belt HC-218 82 ton friction rig. I could not have made a better decision than to come to your program.  Hope everything is going well over in the farmlands. And now with the warmer weather be careful on that badass Honda rebel keep it under 100.

Jake Fowler

Coming to this school, all the staff helped me with everything I had trouble with. Coming here will change my life in becoming what I wanted to be since I was a little lad. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.

Clayton Curtis

I don’t think that it would be fair to judge and rate each instructor individually. Combined and together as a teaching core, they make this school an outstanding place to attend and learn. I will highly recommend this school to any one who asks. It’s a great place to begin a new career!!

Frank Bowstring

I was very impressed by the staff and their willingness to help the class. As a whole, I felt like I was safe, going to be prepared to pass any task set before me. I knew I was in good hands the second I walked up.

John W. Hoffpauir

All instructors were very helpful and full of knowledge. The real life -stories and situations were very helpful to me.

Andrew Heintz

Chris is a phenomenal teacher. He takes pride in his work and is very informative. I think that he does well at keeping people calm and uses his experience to help others. I really enjoy this school and I think it’s a positive atmosphere.

Tad Hughes

After 8/1/14, I will be entering second crane program. Up to this point, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here. The staff is great and instructors are phenomenal. I would most certainly recommend this school to any one of my friends, and I look forward to my upcoming training.

John Bermudez

It’s a great school. I got the basic training skills that I needed to know for me to find a job in the construction area. I would definitely recommend this school to people.

Edgar Ramos

I just want to say thank you for the training and certification I received at ATS. I am now working for Tanco running a 50 ton Grove RT. I also run the forklift, skid steer and backhoe making $26.00 an hour with $10.00 hire per diem. We travel all year spending a few months in each place building storage tanks. Respectfully, Greg Martineau

Greg Martineau

Been here for the last 3 years for heavy and crane and it’s always nice to see the staff and catch up on things. Really enjoy coming back. The staff is really good at what they do.

Tyler Morrow

All the instructors are helpful and knowledgeable with both the course study, as well as with industry information.

Steve Gonzalez

I learned a lot and had a blast doing it. I can’t wait to start working.

Bradley Pfluger

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