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Student Reviews

Samuel O.


I got hired on as a rigger and was told by the owner I could take it as far as I want (meaning working my way into a crane) this company centers its work around safety and is owned by a former crane operator as well. It’s a rental service so we do work in refineries to planting trees to setting in signs. They have 14 cranes and are growing.

I truly enjoyed tapping into the knowledge of the instructors in the crane and rigging part of your school. That knowledge helped me get a job within my first week home. I would love to come back to ATS to get more nccco certifications because y’all truly set the students up for success.

Tommy C.


It took me about 5 months to land a crane position because I wasn't in position to travel once I graduated (wife was pregnant with our 1st child) and I live in a beach town where crane work is almost obsolete. I put my resume on all the big sites and everywhere in between. Finally I got very lucky and an electric company called me and gave me a chance working on a 500kv substation from the ground up and only 45 mins away from home. I want to thank all my instructors at ATS especially Dan over at the CDL for being very informative and extremely patient with us... And just as BIG thank you to Tony Harper at Career Services for staying in constant contact through the whole process and even helped me with my resume. Don't give up!!!!

Darrell D.


Great place to advance your career. Very active and fast paced school. The only down fall I can think of is the lack of a restaurant close by for lunch. Plenty of vending machines for sandwiches and stuff. I would recommend ATS to anyone looking to join this field.

Grant B.


Good balance of classroom instruction and time on the equipment. Instructors all seem to be very qualified with over 10-25 years of experience. Equipment operating techniques are shared by the instructors. Great experience so far. I have almost completed 3 wks of Heavy Equipment I and start my 6 wks of Heavy Equipment II soon. Cant wait!!

Eric B.


I have really enjoyed my time here at ATS. Everyone I have met was very nice and helpful on everything I have learned. I have also met a lot of new friends and great instructors. I was even thinking of coming back some day to finish more schooling.

Nathan C.


The school was an amazing experience, from the recruiters office all the way down to the teachers. As soon as you get here you are greeted with a smile and everyone here is very well educated and is willing to help you no matter what. The establishment is a newer building and is kept cleaned, there are no problems like other places that i have been to. The teachers are very friendly towards you and are very knowledgeable about all the equipment on the school grounds and most of them have came with prior experience. I gave this school a 5 star rating because i personally love this school. One day would like to try to become part of the family and work here. Until then, i will miss this school and will be looking forward until the next time i can come back.

Malachi M.


My time here at ATS has been absolutely amazing. The instructors are super knowledgeable and if you have a question they have no problem stopping the class and making sure everyone is on the same page. I’m currently in Heavy one and so far the best instructors are Chad, Jeff, Travis, and Rob. They have really helped me a lot operating wise. I rate this school 5/5 no doubt. Thank you ATS for getting my Career started.

Angel H.


Incredible school!! ATS School is a combination of classroom work and my favorite hands-on training. The instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive. Truly, one of the most organized instructors I've ever had. Extremely helpful and understanding. Fun sense of humor. I highly recommend this school !

Aaron L.


Great learning experience. Overall, learned lots, had fun, really enjoyed my time in this class.

Christopher C,


Based on my experience so far, everyone has our best interests at heart. They want to make sure we leave here with as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Burke S.


I really enjoyed each instructor and felt that I gained knowledge from each. I feel that your are truly blessed to have this many great instructors at this school. It says a lot about the people they work for.

Nathan N.


All instructors made learning a very pleasant experience and were very encouraging to push me in the right direction to succeed.

Joe L.


The experience to come out here is awesome! First off, the classes...if you are the type to learn hands on about your field this is the place for you! The book work you do is very minimal but at the same time they fit everything thing you need to know within the small time period you have here. Very well organized! The staff and instructors at the school are down to earth, helpful and very informative about the subject you are learning. Over all I’m very satisfied with my stay here and I’m happy to say my money went towards a great school!

Michael R.


Very happy that I chose ATS for my H.E., Crane, and CDL training and certifications. Feeling very qualified and prepared to get into the field and build a solid future for myself and my family. Not only have I gotten high quality and useful training, but I've also had a lot of fun doing it!