Associated Training Services

Agency Personnel


Welcome To Associated Training Services

If you are involved with an agency which may refer people to us or fund a student coming to our school, here are some things you should know:

  1. We can customize a training program for your needs and deliver at any location for a cost that fits within your budget.
  2. The demand for people with the knowledge and skills we teach is growing at a rate much faster than most occupations. Click here for federal department of labor statistics.
  3. The wages for these occupations are a respectable living wage. Click here for federal department of labor statistics.
  4. The retention rates for people who become employed in these occupations is very high because it is an exciting, enjoyable and well paying career.
  5. We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board.
  6. We are approved by the Veterans Administration and eligible veterans may use their veterans educational benefits while attending our school.
  7. We have school owned housing which our students stay in while in training.
  8. We have our own financial assistance that can be used to cover tuition, housing and fees.