Associated Training Services

ATS Application Terms of Use

This is a free application and you will have no obligations by completing and submitting this application. The following application must be completed to apply for enrollment and for the School’s financial assistance. Upon completing our online application you will receive a written response within 2-4 business days and a phone call from one of our admissions representatives. You may also contact us by phone at (800) 383-7364 to inquire about your application.

The school is required to ask applicants a variety of personal questions to evaluate their ability to safely operate trucks and heavy equipment and to evaluate their probability of employment upon graduation from the School’s programs.  These questions include information about the applicant’s driving record, health history, arrest and conviction records, etc...  The School’s health questions are based primarily around the Federal Department of Transportation’s Physical Qualifications for Drivers.

Associated Training Services considers all applicants without regard to their race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin. Thank you and we look forward to providing you the best possible service and attention to your application.


By filling out and checking the accept box, you are accepting Associated Training Services application process acknowledgment and term of use, and understand a YES answer to any of the above questions (except citizenship), may prohibit me from obtaining employment as a truck driver or equipment operator. I understand I have submitted this information as being true and accurate, realizing that approval or disapproval of my enrollment will be based on this application and that any misrepresentation or omission of information called for is cause for rejection. Further, I clearly understand that school acceptance of my enrollment will be based on this application and the information contained herein. In addition, I hereby authorize the School: to investigate the information submitted on this application, to contact individuals or employers listed on this application, to contact state motor vehicle offices in regard to my driving record, to contact governmental agencies related to any part of this application, to request credit information on myself, or to contact any other parties listed on or related to any part of this application. I will not hold the school or its employees responsible for an adverse or negative action which may result due to my submission of this application.