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Employment in the construction industry increased

According to reports, construction employment increased in 30 states as well as the District of Columbia from November to December 2022. According to an analysis of federal data from the Associated General Contractors of America, there were 42 states added construction jobs within the preceding 12 months, and demand for construction projects remains strong. Reports indicate that contractors would have added more team members to their staff if there were more applicants and qualified workers available.

California added the most jobs during December, hiring 7,500 more construction workers. New York added 6,400 jobs during the month followed by Pennsylvania which added 4,600 jobs. Missouri saw the largest decline in construction jobs in December, with 4,400 jobs lost. Washington state saw a decrease of 3,700 jobs in the construction industry during December.

Shortages of workers are negatively affecting the construction industry. There is a demand for construction workers who have the proper training and certifications. The demand is expected to continue to grow, so now is a good time to undergo career training for a job in the construction industry.

All construction jobs, from carpentry to masonry to heavy equipment and truck drivers are available throughout the industry. There are various training programs available, and financial assistance is available to help with the vocational training needed to work in the construction industry.  

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